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summoned away

🔮✨ Greetings, Cosmic Wanderers! ✨🔮

🚀🌌 We are away on a Celestial Journey 🌌🚀

Namaste! 🙏🌟 The universe has summoned us for a brief cosmic adventure, and we must heed its call! Our enchanted crystals, sacred talismans, and otherworldly treasures are temporarily embarking on a cosmic pilgrimage.

✨**Fear not! We shall return!**✨

📅 Mark your celestial calendars, for Krystall Aurora will fling open its doors once again on October 17th! 🗝️✨

🌟 Regular Opening Hours Will Resume 🌟

During our astral escapade, take this time to nourish your own spiritual journey. Connect with the cosmos, meditate under the sunlight, and embrace the energies of the universe.

🌠✨ In the meantime, here's how you can reach us: ✨🌠

  • For urgent inquiries or cosmic guidance, you can contact our resident crystal guru, Yin, at

  • Keep an eye on our social media channels for ethereal updates and mystical musings.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. 🙌💖

May the stars shine brightly upon your path until our return, and may your chakras align with the harmony of the cosmos.

With infinite gratitude and boundless love,

🔮Us at Krystall Aurora 🔮

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