Holistic Feng Shui Living

In the study of Feng Shui, we are first introduced to the interconnectedness of 天 (Heaven), 地 (Earth), and 人 (Human) to bring balance, prosperity, and well-being into our lives. Our approach is rooted in the understanding that a harmonious connection between Heaven, Earth, and Human leads to a life of stability, fulfillment, and positive energy.

The Tenfold Path to Holistic Living:

  1. 安定 (An Ding) - Stability: Achieve stability in your life by harmonizing your surroundings through Feng Shui practices. A stable environment promotes a calm and balanced existence.

  2. 一命二运 (Yi Ming Er Yun) - Destiny and Luck: Understand and align with your destiny and luck, unlocking the positive energies that support your life's journey.

  3. 三风水 (San Feng Shui) - Feng Shui:  Use Feng Shui to optimize the energy flow in your living and working spaces.

  4. 四积阴德 (Si Ji Yin De) - Accumulate Yin Virtue: Cultivate positive virtues and accumulate good deeds, fostering a positive and compassionate aura in your life.

  5. 五读书 (Wu Du Shu) - Study and educate: Embrace lifelong learning and knowledge, as education is a key pillar in the pursuit of wisdom and personal growth.

  6. 六名 (Liu Ming) - Reputation: Uphold a reputable and honorable presence in society, as a positive reputation contributes to personal and professional success.

  7. 七相 (Qi Xiang) - Facial Physiognomy: Understand the significance of facial physiognomy, recognizing the connection between facial features and one's destiny.

  8. 八敬神 (Ba Jing Shen) - Reverence for the Divine: Cultivate a sense of reverence for the divine, and be humble by acknowledging the spiritual dimensions that contribute to the overall harmony in life.

  9. 九交贵人 (Jiao Gui Ren) - Surround yourself with good people: Foster meaningful connections with individuals, as supportive relationships play a vital role in personal and professional success.

  10. 十养生 (Shi Yang Sheng) - Health & Wellbeing: Prioritize health and well-being by adopting practices that nurture the body, mind, and spirit.

Elevate the energy in your living or working space with our comprehensive Flying Star Feng Shui Assessment. As a Feng Shui Practitioner, I bring a holistic approach to harmonizing your environment, promoting positive chi flow, and creating a space that supports your well-being.

The Fengshui I practice today is the San Yuan 三元 Classical Fengshui, using Xuan Kong Flying Star methods 玄空飞星 from Wu Chang Pai 无常派 through our Grandmaster Tan Yang Wu 谈养吾 lineage.

I will visit your home or office within Trondheim-Stjordal and apply Flying Star Feng Shui to accurately assess your home or workspace. You will be given advice and remedies to transform the energies so you may be fully supported and be in a harmonious environment.

Feng Shui Home Analysis:

    • In-depth examination of the energy map of your home using Xuan Kong Flying Star techniques.
    • Identification of favorable and unfavorable energy sectors.
    • Recommendations for furniture placement and remedies to optimize positive energy.
    • Your location within Trondheim - Stjørdal
    • Price: 3880 kr

Booking is available here.

Business and Office Feng Shui:

    • Tailored Feng Shui assessment for your workplace to stimulate success and prosperity.
    • Strategies to boost employee wellness and enhance productivity.
    • Advice on office layout and design for a balanced and harmonious workspace.
    • Bonus Space Clearing Session: Purify and revitalize the energy for a more vibrant work atmosphere.
    • Your location within Trondheim - Stjørdal
    • Price: 4880 kr

Booking is available here.

Annual Flying Star Forecast:

    • Annual prediction of the energy shifts in your home or office.
    • Guidance on activating favorable stars and neutralizing negative influences.
    • Tips for enhancing wealth, health, and relationships throughout the year.
    • Bonus Space Clearing Session: Start each year with a clean slate by clearing out old energy and welcoming new opportunities.
    • Your location within Trondheim - Stjørdal
    • Price: 1990 kr

Booking is available here.

Property Feng Shui Evaluation:

    • Pre-purchase or pre-lease Feng Shui analysis for homes and commercial properties.
    • Insights into the long-term impact of the property's energy on occupants.
    • Recommendations for renovations and enhancements to align with positive energy.
    • Bonus Space Clearing Session: Clear the energy of previous occupants and set the stage for positive experiences.
    • Your location within Trondheim - Stjørdal
    • Price: 3880 kr

Booking is available here.

Space Clearing Session:

    • Standalone Space Clearing session for homes, offices, or new spaces.
    • Removal of stagnant or negative energy, creating a space filled with positive vibrations.
    • Your location within Trondheim - Stjørdal
    • Price: 1110 kr

Booking is available here.

Date Selection for Important Events

    • Professional guidance on selecting auspicious dates for significant life events such as weddings, business openings, home/office renovations, and other ceremonies.
    • Ensure positive energy alignment by utilizing the Chinese Almanac, natal charts of your household members, orientation of your space, and date selection techniques.
    • Maximize favorable cosmic influences for a harmonious and successful outcome.
    • Your location within Trondheim - Stjørdal
    • Price for new clients (new location): 1990 kr
    • Price for existing clients (existing location): 990 kr

Booking is available here.

Transform your space and your life. You are worth the investment!

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