My Story

For the longest time, I have spent my life in the exciting world of finance where I spent my days helping businesses manage assets, cashflows, and assessing investments. This job took me to many places around the world where I have met many wonderful people, traveled, learned new languages. and deepened my appreciation for various cultures.

For that, I am deeply grateful.

My life today is a different life where my focus is on my family and my two children. With gratitude in my heart and a love for each day, I now spend my days running the household, making sure lunch boxes are packed, and big and little emotions are taken care of. I also spend my days building my little crystal shop and healing space. This space is my sanctuary. It is from this space I send out crystals I love, healing, and help to many beautiful souls that are brought here through affinity.

I am an aspiring gemologist who is also a certified advanced crystal master, a reiki practitioner, a sound healer, and an astrologer who is fascinated with reading natal charts and diving into eastern teachings and metaphysics.

By working on myself, I believe that I can be better at helping and supporting others, both physically, mentally, and emotionally. I also believe that by calculating the dominant vibrational energies present during our time of birth, we can quickly identify our potential and limitations, and understand what the comics have in store for us. Armed with this knowledge, we can steer our lives better through actions we can take now and be in peace and alignment with the prevailing energies influencing our life journey.

So this is my story and my journey, in this lifetime, in this dimension anyways, and I invite you to join my journey and story through my work and passion here.

Many thanks and blessings,
Founder and Heartbeat

Krystall Aurora

Krystall Aurora